Both Chicago and Denver sit at 3-8 and are dead last in the playoff standings in their respective conferences.

But neither is mathematically eliminated, so we can still come up with a way to get them in.

It’s easier for the Broncos, who are just three games back in the messy AFC West led by the spiraling 6-5 Chiefs. With five wins — unlikely as that is — Denver would be 8-8 with a 3-3 record in divisional play.

The Broncos would have a precarious tiebreaker situation, but it’s possible that every other team in the division finishes under .500.

For Chicago, getting in is a little more complicated because it can’t catch the 9-2 Vikings. The only shot for the Bears is a run of five consecutive wins that gets them to 8-8 and some NFC chaos that leaves them in position for a wild card spot.

That scenario for the Broncos and Bears could look a little something like this.

Will these come to fruition? It’s probably safe to assume they won’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun dreaming while they’re still possible.

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