We were within minutes of having that perfect season and it slipped away

As much of a Twitter punching bag Tony Romo was over the course of his NFL career, the general consensus on his broadcasting debut was great.

Romo talked about safety blitzes before the snap, circling it for viewers to see with ease. He explained why certain plays were run and showed proper enthusiasm when the moment was right.

He was even calling plays before they happened:

CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus was happy with the results. “I was pleasantly surprised, because social media by and large is very negative, for everybody, for all announcers and all networks,” he said. “The fact that it was positive is satisfying for me, but I also take it with a grain of salt.”

Romo’s career obviously didn’t end the way he would have liked, but this is a nice fit for him and a way to stay near football.

The Patriots don’t have that luxury, either. The first half of the schedule is highlighted by two opponents New England struggled with during matchups in the 2016-17 postseason — Houston and Atlanta. Weeks 10-15 feature back-to-back tilts in the high altitudes of Denver and Mexico City (vs. Oakland) along with a three-game road stretch ending on a short prep week in Pittsburgh.

Even if the Patriots survive the regular season unscathed, a perfect regular season will only be a footnote in NFL history if New England loses in Super Bowl 52. Take it from somebody who experienced such heartbreak 10 years ago.

“It haunts all of us a little bit to this day,” Hochstein said. “We were within minutes Cheap Long Sleeve Soccer Jerseys of having that perfect season and it slipped away.

“As much as people are saying, ‘Go for the perfect season!,’ honestly, even if Cheap Kids NFL Jerseys you lose one week, it’s not going to change what you want. That’s first and foremost winning a Super Bowl.”

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