Gordon Hayward, Kyle Lowry and the best players left on the market after the midnight rush

We thought Hayward to the Celtics was a foregone conclusion. The Paul George trade flipped that idea on its head. Now, the All-Star wing has three viable options: head to Boston, go to Miami or stay in Utah. This one could go either way.

Lowry can get a max contract from the Raptors. After both George and Jimmy Butler were traded to the Western Conference, sticking it out in Toronto doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.

No flash in Hill’s game, but he’s a solid two-way point guard with leadership expertise and a winning acumen. As the big names fall off the board, Hill will continue to garner interest from teams with a need at point guard.

Noel could make a huge payday work out, too: He is a skilled and swift defender and could be as flexible on defense as he is inflexible on offense. Versatility matters on both ends, and so much of our discourse on positions and positionlessness revolves around offense. This is foolish. Ignoring the defensive ramifications of the game’s evolution ignores half the game. The ability to switch is more important every year, and if Noel can consistently switch action and chase shooters yet still recover to rebound, he will have been worth every penny.

Teams just need to understand what they’re paying for. Increasingly, it’s not just centers for the sake of having centers.

It’s a cheat to use the Warriors as proof of Cheap Hockey Jerseys anything, but this point Cheap Hockey Practice Jerseys is illustrative of the broader story. Golden State has a $136 million payroll before luxury tax next season. Only $4.8 million Cheap High Quality NFL Jerseys of that — or 3.5 percent of the payroll — is being paid to centers.

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