Other teams’ needs could morph into something the Mets can help with based on unexpected injuries

The team is also calling up top prospect Amed Rosario from Triple-A to start at shortstop for Tuesday’s game against the Rockies to begin giving him playing time in the majors, bumping Asdrubal Cabrera to third and shifting the rest of the infield around Rosario’s inclusion (with Neil Walker at both second and first base, and Jose Reyes at second).

Considering those moves, as well as Alderson’s assurance that first base prospect Dominic Smith “shouldn’t be far behind,” and the Mets’ infield and outfield are starting to look very crowded, with lots of pieces that could be moved before August is out.

Other teams’ needs could morph into something the Mets can help with based on unexpected injuries, allowing them to deal in a market that didn’t exist for them in July.

Whether Bruce, Granderson, Cabrera, or others are still Mets come September remains to be seen, but just because a major sell off didn’t happen yet doesn’t mean the Mets are completely settling on their current lineup for the rest of this season.

My suggestion is this: one more pitcher. It doesn’t have to be as creative as Gonzales or Ramirez. Something obvious, like Yu Darvish or Sonny Gray. Maybe if we go back and tell the Cardinals that they lose 14 in a row, they trade Lance Lynn after all. The Mariners looked like a team that would do well making some creative Cheap Youth Football Jerseys additions. It turns out that the dumbest, most heavy-handed prospect-for-known-quantity deals were what they needed the whole time.

If Paxton just needs a little rest, forget that I wrote this. But if he has to miss even two starts, I’m a little fidgety thinking about how the Mariners are going to maintain their contending status Fashion Online Shop Cheap Jerseys for the rest of the year. Paxton getting hurt right after Hernandez is absolutely brutal.

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