I hope to do a lot of things they were able to do in Jacksonville

Fournette, who grow up in New Orleans and went to college in Baton Rouge, has been a Louisiana guy his whole life. But he hasn’t wasted any time embracing the Jacksonville community, getting off to a great start as the new face of both the Jaguars’ franchise and the city’s sports landscape.

“It just feels good to give back to others, meeting with those kids,” Fournette said. “I want to be that difference-maker and create change.”

Jacksonville’s history with some of the league’s top-flight backs has also inspired Fournette to carry himself like his Jaguars predecessors.

“Most definitely I want to be like those guys,” Fournette said. “Fred Taylor is a great guy, one of the greatest running backs to play this game with his style of running. Maurice Jones-Drew was great here, too. I hope to do a lot of things they were able to do in Jacksonville.”

And yes, breaking news was probably going to interfere, just because that’s what it does, so the ugly CTE study results were going to come up.

No, the commissioner didn’t handle them well. Once again, his answers raised more questions. If he finds himself answering those questions again in Canton this week, you can count on that raising even more questions. It’s unavoidable and, considering who’s doing the talking, inevitable.

The odds of Goodell giving a believable answer to anything related to the CTE report were already low. He didn’t disappoint.

The bad news: At a Jets fan forum Monday, his defense of the way the NFL is now Lebron Cheap Jerseys handling player health and safety — “The average NFL player lives five years longer than you” — was unconscionably tone-deaf. The worse news: The squirm-inducing declaration by rookie Jamal Adams, that “If I had a perfect place to die, I would die on the field,” didn’t seem to rattle Goodell at all or shake Manchester United Cheap Jerseys him off of his message.

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