Bryce Harper and other MLB All-Stars don’t have ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth stuck in their heads

Since getting off the plane in Miami for the MLB All-Star Game, there have been two songs as stuck in my head as a college freshman still hung up her high school boyfriend. Those two songs are Smash Mouth’s “All Star” and Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami.”

Both of these songs were key players in the rotation of my middle school years, and both songs are funny in the, “haha we’re on a road trip and I’m going to play a song that will make you go OOOOOH THIS SONG!” kind of way. But neither musical masterpiece is something that you want bouncing around in your head for 24 hours. Trust me on this.

The difference between Lackey and Darvish over two months is likely to be much smaller than you think, and while it looks like the Cubs will need every last win, it’s harder and harder to justify a huge prospect dump for a rental after the Quintana trade.

The Rangers want to keep Darvish beyond this season, and they’re quasi-contending right now. The Cubs have already spent some of their prospect capital, and a rental doesn’t really fit their needs.

Darvish makes more sense for a team without a pair of aces at the top of the rotation, like the Brewers or Yankees. Those are teams that can afford to plug their noses at the idea of a rental because of how sweet it would be to have Darvish pitching a Game 1 or Game 2. The Cubs have a full rotation, and it’s filled with pitchers they’d be comfortable with in the postseason.

Before the season started, FanGraphs projected the Dodgers to Very Cheap Jerseys win Youth Authentic Cheap Jerseys more games than the Cubs. It seemed possible, but unlikely, and I’d like to think there were a lot of arguments in the FanGraphs Computer Labs.

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