Memphis has been to the playoffs in seven straight seasons.

The Grizzlies can come back next season with Green and Carter — and with or without Z-Bo and T.A — and be a solid Western playoff team that, if healthy, gives its first-round opponent fits. That’s totally fine.

Memphis has been to the playoffs in seven straight seasons. Only the Spurs and Hawks can also say that. In a market like Memphis — especially with fans who have suffered through bleak dry spells, like the one that preceded the Grit ‘n Grind era — making the playoffs every year and being interesting means success.

To reach the next level, though, Memphis needs Parsons to heal up, stay available, and be what the Grizzlies thought they were getting last summer. Adding a healthy Chandler Parsons to the starting lineup between Conley and Gasol would give Fizdale all the offensive weaponry he needs to go with the ever-tough defense and make Memphis a real contender for Non-Warriors Western Elite status. With Gasol, Conley, and a strong team defense, you don’t need much more, as this season proved. To hit the next level, the Parsons contract needs to start paying off.

It’s fitting that his last great NBA moment came in the Garden, with Where To Find Cheap Jerseys the last shot he’d ever take on the parquet. Pierce buried it, as he does. There was no game on the line. There was just Pierce, doing what he does best. He slowly jogged back with his hand in the air, waving to the crowd and soaking in the adulation. His head was high and his chest was proud. He smiled. He was home.

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