The Jets are relatively healthy, perhaps the only thing they have going for them.

Backup quarterback Bryce Petty has rebounded quickly from a minor knee sprain, creating a question about the No. 2 quarterback job. Will it be Petty or Christian Hackenberg? Coach Todd Bowles isn’t saying. Petty outplayed Hackenberg in the preseason, so he should get the nod — in theory. This is an important call because starter Josh McCown has had durability issues in recent years.

Ever look at the alignment of a defense and think, “no one is there to cover that gap”? Well, something is happening to get that area covered. The defense will stunt, twist, blitz, and rotate over to cover an open area on the field. No gap goes unaccounted for and if one does, the offense will likely find a way to exploit it.

Rob Kelley, RB, Redskins: A disappointing preseason by backup Samaje Perine locked Kelley into the Redskins’ starting running back role, but Kelley can’t afford to put up weeks of just 3 PPR/non-PPR fantasy points if he wants to hold off the rookie. That was his worst score in any of the 10 games in which he played double-digit snaps, and it makes it potentially wise to spend one of your Week 2 waiver claims to pick up Perine, available in 31.5 percent of leagues, as insurance.

Alex Smith, QB, Chiefs: Another standout from the Cheap Football Jerseys From China Thursday NFL Kickoff, Smith managed 31.0 fantasy points as a visiting player against the New England Patriots, and that was nearly a new personal best for him. In fact, if not for Smith’s three kneels at game’s end — these totaled Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys minus-6 rushing yards — he’d have exceeded the 31.2 fantasy points he scored in 2013 Week 15 at Oakland.

Boston has liked Love for a while and could be interested in trading for the big man.

In all likelihood, the Knicks won’t trade straight up with either Houston or Cleveland. Neither team has tradeable young prospects that could entice New York, and they would have to take on either Kevin Love (better than Melo) or Ryan Anderson (worse than Melo and with a worse contract). Here’s the scenario for the Rockets, which includes two marginal young prospects, plus Anderson, plus a hypothetical 2020 first round pick.

More likely, any trade would have to involve a third team. Anthony makes $26.2 million next season while Love is at $22.6 million, and Cleveland is already in luxury tax hell, so Love would have to go. To escape that, they would need to get rid of a sizable salary like Love, not to mention the two play the same position.

Meanwhile, Boston has liked Love for a while and could be interested in trading for the big man. However, there’s one enormous condition for this: it can only happen if Gordon Hayward chooses someone else.

You sense Rose believes he’s more than Livingston, that he can be better Cheap Jerseys AUStralia than an important cog on a champion. What Rose has to do to look within and determine what’s Cheap Jerseys Bike truly better than that while being within the realm of possibility.

Is becoming an All-Star again within the realm of possibility? It could be, in the right situation. History shows us that if you score a lot of points, you have an inside track on winning an All-Star spot. But no team (with one exception) has been willing to give Rose an opportunity to be its offensive focal point this summer. Without opportunity there is no achievement.

Is becoming an important cog on a champion possible? That is absolutely what Cheap Jerseys And Sunglasses Rose could become for Cleveland, even though the Cavaliers remain massive underdogs against the Warriors.

NBA free agency might as well be over, but trade season isn’t

As evidenced by Kristian Winfield’s latest roundup of the top players left on the board, NBA free agency is just about over. There are a few impact players — Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, for one — and some interesting cases like Nerlens Noel, who mystifyingly doesn’t have a Mavericks contract yet. It’s weird that he and JaMychal Green are lingering, for sure. But there aren’t really any huge names out there beyond all that.

But that doesn’t mean trade season is over. There are murmurs — none reported through the major news-breaking outlets — that the Knicks are in serious talks with the Rockets on a Carmelo Anthony deal. Who knows if the murmurs are true? But keep in mind that trades tend to happen in the middle of July as GMs are gathered in Las Vegas to watch the Alex Carusos of the world build a portfolio. This could be the week a big trade or two goes down.

There’s a lot of unfinished business on NBA rosters. Too many teams are in line to pay the tax, and too many decent teams still have holes. After this week, things should really quiet down — especially without an intercontinental tournament to keep guys in Vegas for Team USA training. It’s going to be a long summer whenever summer starts.

In a chat with Lee Jenkins, Paul George seems downright excited to give it a run with Russell Westbrook in OKC. Both Kevin Durant and Reggie Jackson — guys who left OKC on bad terms — told PG he’d love it there. There are also some interesting comments about the Lakers.

Lonzo Ball withdrew from his big Summer League rivalry game against De’Aaron Fox, drawing Cheap Ireland Jerseys an emoji reaction from the latter. Fox wasn’t particularly great in the game, and the Lakers Cheap Ireland Football Jerseys won anyway.

Gordon Hayward, Kyle Lowry and the best players left on the market after the midnight rush

We thought Hayward to the Celtics was a foregone conclusion. The Paul George trade flipped that idea on its head. Now, the All-Star wing has three viable options: head to Boston, go to Miami or stay in Utah. This one could go either way.

Lowry can get a max contract from the Raptors. After both George and Jimmy Butler were traded to the Western Conference, sticking it out in Toronto doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.

No flash in Hill’s game, but he’s a solid two-way point guard with leadership expertise and a winning acumen. As the big names fall off the board, Hill will continue to garner interest from teams with a need at point guard.

Noel could make a huge payday work out, too: He is a skilled and swift defender and could be as flexible on defense as he is inflexible on offense. Versatility matters on both ends, and so much of our discourse on positions and positionlessness revolves around offense. This is foolish. Ignoring the defensive ramifications of the game’s evolution ignores half the game. The ability to switch is more important every year, and if Noel can consistently switch action and chase shooters yet still recover to rebound, he will have been worth every penny.

Teams just need to understand what they’re paying for. Increasingly, it’s not just centers for the sake of having centers.

It’s a cheat to use the Warriors as proof of Cheap Hockey Jerseys anything, but this point Cheap Hockey Practice Jerseys is illustrative of the broader story. Golden State has a $136 million payroll before luxury tax next season. Only $4.8 million Cheap High Quality NFL Jerseys of that — or 3.5 percent of the payroll — is being paid to centers.

Jodie Meeks signs with the Wizards on a 2-year, $7 million deal

Full to the brim in guaranteed salaries, the Washington Wizards made one small attempt at bolstering their jam-packed roster by signing free agent shooting guard Jodie Meeks to a two-year deal worth $7 million, according to The Vertical’s Shams Charania.

Meeks averaged 9.1 points on 40.9 percent shooting from downtown with the Magic last season. But the oft-injured marksman endured another rash of injuries last season, missing the first 19 games of the season before a thumb injury in late January sidelined him until mid-March.

Still, the 29-year-old wing has shown shades of the college player who still holds the record for most points ever scored in a Kentucky game (54). Meeks scored 23 points on 6-of-7 three-point shooting in a win over the Knicks last season. He had four more games of 15 points or more and was able to maintain a solid perimeter stroke in spite of his injuries.

Smith Jr. had an extra ligament in his knee. If you didn’t even know that was possible, you’re certainly not alone, as only 20 percent of all humans have one, doctors told Smith Sr. But those who do have the added benefit of quicker recovery times when coming off serious injuries like the one Junior suffered.
Ligaments are tissues that connect bones at a joint, and the human knee typically has four. It would seem Smith has a fifth, which just makes everything that much easier.

That’s right — Smith Jr. tore his ACL and it basically didn’t even affect Cheap Goalkeeper Jerseys him. This dude must be Wolverine or something.

No wonder he has the perfect demeanor to Cheap Football Jerseys replace Dirk Nowitzki as the next Mavericks face of the franchise.

Timberwolves to sign Taj Gibson for 2 years, $28 million, according to report

Taj Gibson and Tom Thibodeau are together again. The former Bulls forward has agreed to a two-year, $28 million deal with Thibodeau’s Timberwolves, according to Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports.

The move reunites Gibson with the head coach that shepherded his rise as an NBA player. Gibson played with Thibodeau from 2010 to 2015, emerging as one of the league’s best defensive big men off the bench and an avatar for Thibodeau’s toughness. Now, Thibodeau hopes that he and Jimmy Butler — another Thibodeau loyalist from the Chicago days — can bring that patented tenacity to a young Wolves core.

The 32-year-old Gibson was traded from Chicago to Oklahoma City last trade deadline, where he became a spot starter for Russell Westbrook’s crew. He averaged 10.8 points and 6.2 rebounds in 25.5 minutes per game split between the two spots. He could start at power forward or play behind Karl-Anthony Towns and Gorgui Dieng.

What did Waiters do in 2016-17? He went out and balled and had fun. Everything else took care Cheap Authentic Baseball Jerseys of Cheap Atlanta Braves Jerseys itself. Miami was a late-season shocker, going on a 30-11 run in the second half and coming within one game of the playoffs. Waiters racked up clutch buckets as a go-to scorer for a defense-first, athletic squad.

He often looked like the second coming of Joe Johnson. You know what Joe Johnson’s greatest NBA skill is? Getting paid. Now Waiters has that in his repertoire, too.

The Waiters turnaround is complete — another masterful piece of work by Pat Riley. Remember how heavily Waiters credits Riley in that seminal, Pulitzer-worthy Players’ Tribune piece?

Other teams’ needs could morph into something the Mets can help with based on unexpected injuries

The team is also calling up top prospect Amed Rosario from Triple-A to start at shortstop for Tuesday’s game against the Rockies to begin giving him playing time in the majors, bumping Asdrubal Cabrera to third and shifting the rest of the infield around Rosario’s inclusion (with Neil Walker at both second and first base, and Jose Reyes at second).

Considering those moves, as well as Alderson’s assurance that first base prospect Dominic Smith “shouldn’t be far behind,” and the Mets’ infield and outfield are starting to look very crowded, with lots of pieces that could be moved before August is out.

Other teams’ needs could morph into something the Mets can help with based on unexpected injuries, allowing them to deal in a market that didn’t exist for them in July.

Whether Bruce, Granderson, Cabrera, or others are still Mets come September remains to be seen, but just because a major sell off didn’t happen yet doesn’t mean the Mets are completely settling on their current lineup for the rest of this season.

My suggestion is this: one more pitcher. It doesn’t have to be as creative as Gonzales or Ramirez. Something obvious, like Yu Darvish or Sonny Gray. Maybe if we go back and tell the Cardinals that they lose 14 in a row, they trade Lance Lynn after all. The Mariners looked like a team that would do well making some creative Cheap Youth Football Jerseys additions. It turns out that the dumbest, most heavy-handed prospect-for-known-quantity deals were what they needed the whole time.

If Paxton just needs a little rest, forget that I wrote this. But if he has to miss even two starts, I’m a little fidgety thinking about how the Mariners are going to maintain their contending status Fashion Online Shop Cheap Jerseys for the rest of the year. Paxton getting hurt right after Hernandez is absolutely brutal.

Yoenis Cespedes says ‘I’m going to play the last year of my career with Oakland’

Oakland is visiting New York for a series against the New York Mets this weekend, and the occasion gave outfielder Yoenis Cespedes the opportunity to appreciate his former club and reminisce a little.

In regards to possibly one day going back to play for the Oakland A’s, Cespedes told the San Francisco Chronicle,

“I wish that happens. I told Blevins, ‘I don’t know how many years I’m going to play, but I’m going to play the last year of my career with Oakland.’ I don’t know if that’s possible or not, but that’s my goal.”

This tweet seems different, though (if only slightly different), mostly because there are ways that this challenge could pan out in the real world without too much effort.

Canseco clearly knows his own limits here. He gives himself a softball to hit rather than a baseball. While still difficult to hit very far, it does give him a little bit of an advantage.

The other reason this tweet is great is that Jose plainly presents his biggest weakness — his age — right in the tweet. He’s not trying to pull one over on anyone here. He fully thinks that despite a 30-year age difference he could come out on top.

He’s so confident in this unlikely outcome that it makes me want this to happen more than I otherwise would. Canseco is not joking here, and if Judge were down for it there’s a good chance this could be set up after the playoffs are over.

I agree, though, that the Stanton-Judge rivalry makes this even more Minnesota Vikings Cheap Jerseys exciting. I mean, if you can even call it a rivalry — it’s more that the world has decided these are our two NBA Basketball Jerseys Large Adult Sons and they’re going head-to-head.

My stomach feels like I ingested Judge and Stanton and now they’re having a ladder match in there

Wilson drew interest from about a dozen teams over the last month. The Nationals, Astros and Dodgers were all known to be pushing hard for Wilson in advance of tomorrow’s non-waiver trade deadline, but some of those clubs were wary of meeting Detroit’s high asking price. Baltimore’s Zach Britton and San Diego’s Brad Hand represent the top alternatives to Wilson on the board and could also be moved by the deadline.

Wilson, who turns 30 next month, owns a 2.68 ERA and 12.3 K/9 in 40.1 innings for Detroit this season. His trade value is aided by his contract situation, as he is owed $2.7 million this year and is under control for 2018.

Chicago will likely utilize Wilson as a setup man for Wade Davis this season and slide him into the closer role if Davis departs in free agency over the winter. The trade is the fourth major left-handed deadline addition in the last two years for the Cubs, who acquired Mike Montgomery and Aroldis Chapman on their way to a World Series last year and kicked off trade season with the acquisition of Jose Quintana earlier this month.

My stomach feels like I ingested Judge and Stanton and now they’re having a ladder match in there. Help.

I guess you’re right. In moderation, it’s perfectly fine. I guess I’m just a little disenchanted with the guy screaming at me over the PA about every home run.

Yeah, this announcer absolutely sucks. He just called one of the flamingos on the Marlins dinger machine a peacock. Get your goddamn birds straight, man. Also — none of these little kids can field Wholesale NBA Jerseys a baseball. If I were their parents I’d be mortified. Cute, shmute. Give me some athletic Real Cheap Jerseys prowess.

Bryce Harper and other MLB All-Stars don’t have ‘All Star’ by Smash Mouth stuck in their heads

Since getting off the plane in Miami for the MLB All-Star Game, there have been two songs as stuck in my head as a college freshman still hung up her high school boyfriend. Those two songs are Smash Mouth’s “All Star” and Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami.”

Both of these songs were key players in the rotation of my middle school years, and both songs are funny in the, “haha we’re on a road trip and I’m going to play a song that will make you go OOOOOH THIS SONG!” kind of way. But neither musical masterpiece is something that you want bouncing around in your head for 24 hours. Trust me on this.

The difference between Lackey and Darvish over two months is likely to be much smaller than you think, and while it looks like the Cubs will need every last win, it’s harder and harder to justify a huge prospect dump for a rental after the Quintana trade.

The Rangers want to keep Darvish beyond this season, and they’re quasi-contending right now. The Cubs have already spent some of their prospect capital, and a rental doesn’t really fit their needs.

Darvish makes more sense for a team without a pair of aces at the top of the rotation, like the Brewers or Yankees. Those are teams that can afford to plug their noses at the idea of a rental because of how sweet it would be to have Darvish pitching a Game 1 or Game 2. The Cubs have a full rotation, and it’s filled with pitchers they’d be comfortable with in the postseason.

Before the season started, FanGraphs projected the Dodgers to Very Cheap Jerseys win Youth Authentic Cheap Jerseys more games than the Cubs. It seemed possible, but unlikely, and I’d like to think there were a lot of arguments in the FanGraphs Computer Labs.