it cause them to slip up the standings and they not be given a chance to recover

“I just thought overall today, we played good team offense,” Bills coach Sean McDermott said. “I thought Tyrod used his feet, at times, and we had some critical third-down conversions on some drives. There were some good things there and it wasn’t just one guy — it was spread out across the offense.”

A week ago, it was Nathan Peterman in the starting lineup for the Bills. The rookie fifth-round pick threw five interceptions in the first half against the Los Angeles Chargers, digging a hole that was too deep for Taylor to have any chance of digging out of in the last two quarters.

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What is chronic traumatic encephalopathy? It’s more commonly known as CTE, and it’s a debilitating disease that develops as a result of repetitive brain trauma. It’s most commonly found in people who played contact sports or served in the military.

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