Kyle Schwarber: ‘There is no feeling sorry’ for demotion to minors

Kyle Schwarber, the toast of Chicago the past couple of seasons as the Cubs’ rising young slugger, is still in the spotlight.

Referee Walt Coleman, referred to as the “the dean of NFL officials” in the news release, leads the list — although some Raiders fans, and even a former Raiders front-office executive don’t think of him as a “dean” but as “the ref who invoked the tuck rule” in a January 2002 playoff game against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Saw a reference to Walt Coleman as the “dean” of officials – not the word that comes to my mind – you feeling me Raider Nation – and, hi.

After further review, do the eight rookies — line judges Brian Bolinger, Mike Carr and Danny Shortside, field judges Mearl Robinson and Brad Rogers, side judge Ryan Dickson, down judge David Oliver and umpire Steve Woods — know what they’re getting into?

For that matter, given that Coleman made the call under review, does Very Cheap Jerseys Terri Valenti, the first female replay official in NFL history, know that there are figurative fan challenges that go with the literal, in-game ones?

Now without Calvin Pryor and Marcus Gilchrist, the Jets are going unapologetically youthful at safety. Based on the early returns from sixth overall draft pick Jamal Adams, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Adams and second-round pick Marcus Maye are expected to form a rookie duo at strong and free safety. Fifth-year pro Shamarko Thomas is behind them, and free-agency pickup Corey White could add safety depth in addition to work at corner. Ronald Martin, Doug Middleton and Rontez Miles are Victor Cruz Cheap Jerseys the only other safeties on the roster.

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