Packers-Cowboys was a wake-up call: Never take good kickers for granted

The big lesson from the Packerswin over the Cowboys Sunday night, even with Aaron Rodgers and Dak Prescott and Jason Garrett and Mike McCarthy doing what they did to win and lose this game: Never, ever take kickers for granted.

At least if you have one you can trust.

Bills: Sean McDermott. Kudos for Buffalo staying defensive-minded after it got away from Rex Ryan. The difference is, the 4-3 scheme experience McDermott brings is a more natural fit with their talent to shore up there right away.

But what’s key for Buffalo, given how the Ryan experiment failed, is McDermott Cheap Euro Jerseys having a strong, steady relationship with GM Doug Whaley while the latter retains full control of the personnel decisions.

Rams, Sean McVay. Stan Kroenke needed the anti-Jeff Fisher in every way. He got him in the 30-year-old.

McVay was a brilliant young offensive mind for Washington and becomes a fresh, innovative face for a team that desperately needs excitement. He was right man to charge with making Todd Gurley and Jared Goff a pair of entertaining superstars. Best case, McVay turns into the new Jon Gruden after working with his brother, Jay.

Broncos, Vance Joseph. John Elway had the right instinct in replacing a successful John Fox with his good friend Gary Kubiak, which also brought Wade Phillips in a package deal. That combination delivered a Super Bowl ring, so why wouldn’t he trust someone who worked and learned very well under both men in Houston?

Although the Dolphins’ defense had its ups and downs in Joseph’s lone season as coordinator, he stood out as a players coach. That should put the Broncos’ veteran championship core in position Cheap European Soccer Jerseys to rebound well under its new coach.

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