To Harbaugh, it means teams like the Ravens have to do their due diligence away from the one-time mass gathering.

“We respect the NFL’s priorities, what they’re trying to accomplish and the statement that’s being made with that policy,” he said. “And also, our job is to turn over every stone on every player, and we’ll do that on all those guys.”

However, considering that they’re a team with a known history of dealing with a player’s domestic violence incident, the Ravens are the most public exception to the general backlash against banning such players. The objection by Lions general manager Bob Quinn on Wednesday has gotten far more traction.

And all of this as they approach a draft that, to their credit, is deep at their positions of need — running back and offensive line — but in which they don’t have a first-round pick.

They traded it, remember, to get Bradford after Bridgewater’s grotesque training-camp knee injury. They do have eight picks in the other six rounds as of now, which helps. It wouldn’t be a shock to see the Vikings make a move to get back into the first round.

For now, though, it’s not hard to see why Spielman could laugh at the first question being about something other than Peterson.

If that were all he had to worry about, he’d be laughing with Cheap Lions Jerseys joy.

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